People Plan To Make Trump’s Inauguration The Least Watched Event Ever

Internet users are urging people to switch off their television sets on Jan. 20 to make Trump’s inauguration the least watched event in history.

President-elect Donald Trump has always enjoyed being in the limelight and making statements that get people’s attention.

However, he might not enjoy his presidential inauguration as much since tens of thousands of people are expected to protest against him.

Thousands of women are getting together to participate in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and internet users who can’t go out are urging others to shut off their television sets and make the event the least watched in history.

Using the hashtags #boycotttrump and #boycottinaugration, social media users are discussing their plans for Inauguration Day that certainly do not include watching the event.





Their plans include shopping, binge-watching shows on Netflix, sleeping through the day or simply switching to any channel that isn’t covering the ceremony.

A Michigan teacher who also holds the same anti-Trump sentiments has refused to show his students the address, saying that he doesn’t wish to expose them to inappropriate language and behavior. He wrote a letter to the kids’ parents, telling them that although he showed the children George W. Bush and President Barack Obama’s speeches, he was anxious to show them Trump’s.

A Facebook user, Steve Gruber, shared the letter on the social media site.

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