Interracial Couple's Home Vandalized With 'White Power, Die N*****'

An interracial couple in Cincinnati came home to discover their entire house had been trashed and racist messages left on their walls.

Pat and Joe Jude of Cincinnati came home from their Thanksgiving travels to discover their rental property had been completely trashed by white supremacists. The Judes are an interracial couple and the latest victims of a national surge of neo-Nazism and hatred.

The Washington Post reported on the myriad ways the intruders defaced and damaged the Judes' house, from stealing their refrigerator to writing "white power," "die n*****," and drawing swastikas on the walls; breaking pipes, which caused significant water damage; and pouring concrete into their drains. 

"They hit every cabinet with paint," said Pat Jude to WCPO. "They hit every wall with paint. They hit every appliance, they poured paint into the appliances. They poured cement down the drains. I mean, there is nothing that is salvageable."

Such a vicious and intense attack demonstrates the climate of hatred and intolerance that has surged since Donald Trump's election as president, with hundreds of hate crimes against Americans cropping up in the mere weeks since the election. 

Racism has always dogged the steps of the Jude family, however, who lost their 16-year-old son to suicide in 2010. On their GoFundMe, the couple described how their son was bullied for being bi-racial and eventually took his own life. Despite this tragic loss, their page reads, "We have been been married for 34 years and have never dealt with this level of hate and bigotry."

Indeed, racism and white supremacy espoused by the neo-Nazi alt-right is becoming more overt and threatening.

Joe Jude said to WLWT, "We're going back in times and not forward, 100 percent."

WCPO reports that Cincinnati's mayor, John Cranley, made a statement on the attack, saying, "I am deeply disturbed by the act of hatred perpetrated against this family. Racism and bigotry are not and will not be tolerated in this city. This crime is not only an attack on an innocent family, it is an attack on our values."

The case is being investigated by Cincinnati police, but while we hope that they catch the horrible people who did this to the Judes' home, there needs to be a national conversation about the racists who are attacking Americans. Donald Trump, as president-elect, needs to take more serious steps to quell this uprising of hatred, and cities need to do their best to protect their most vulnerable citizens from the bigots who are terrorizing the nation.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @WLWT

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