Iowa Man Blames Hate Crime On His Racist Allergies

Andy Benavidez allegedly worse a surgical mask during the assault because he didn't want to catch a "black person's germs."

Iowa Man

This is an excuse for hate for the record books.

Iowa City police charged a 47-year-old man with assault in violation of individual rights — which, under the state code, is a hate crime.

Authorities arrested Andy Benavidez after he allegedly used racial slurs against an unnamed African-American before throwing the first punch. Granted, during this time of heightened racism and bigotry, such incidents have sadly become more of a norm. However, it’s not the crime that is drawing the Internet’s attention — it is the blatantly ignorant and ridiculous reason behind the assault that is making headlines.

Apparently, the 47-year-old not only admitted the assault was racially motivated and that he fought the stranger because of his skin color, but also told the police he is “allergic to black people.” In fact, he was wearing a surgical mask at the time of the incident to prevent catching “a black person’s germs.”

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Interestingly, as many online users have pointed out, Benavidez himself doesn’t appear to be Caucasian. Also, his “allergies,” as he puts it, are not going to cut him any slack.





The offense is a serious misdemeanor, which in accordance with the Iowa Code, could carry up to a year in prison.

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