iPhone User Trump Wants Everyone To Boycott Apple

In the heated battle between the government and Apple in unlocking a San Bernardino shooter’s phone, Donald Trump has chosen the side against privacy rights.

The real estate tycoon is calling on a boycott of the tech behemoth for its outright refusal to create a backdoor to help the FBI unlock the terrorist’s phone.

“First of all, Apple should give the security for the phone, OK,” the Republican front-runner said at a campaign rally in South Carolina. “What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time that they give the security number. Boycott Apple.”



The legal battle intensified on Friday when the Department of Justice filed a motion to push the tech giant to comply, calling Apple's refusal a "marketing" ploy.

Yet Trump’s protest comes as a quite ludicrous and rather hypocritical move for the self-purported stockholder and iPhone user.



Trump clarified that he uses both an iPhone and Samsung and that if the tech giant doesn’t comply he will switch to his Samsung. So no worries, everyone, this bold action won’t prevent the clown candidate from tweeting absurd proclamations for us to gawk at every day. 


Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters 

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