Iran’s ‘Moral Police’ Pummel Woman With A Loose Hijab

“Let me go, let me go,” the woman screamed as the policewoman slapped her and pinned her to the ground.



A disturbing new video shows the Iranian “moral police” brawling with a young woman all because her head scarf was loose.

According to Iranian law, women are supposed wear modest clothes with their head completely covered but many get around the law by wearing hijab that shows some part of their hair.

The video that sparked outrage all over social media shows two young Iranian women fighting off women from a special task force that makes sure the law is properly followed.

The woman in the video is verbally asked to tighten her head scarf after the moral police wrestled her to the floor. The woman, who was accompanied by a friend, can be heard screaming through the entirety of the ordeal.

“Let me go, let me go,” the woman screamed as the policewoman slapped her.

The moral police’s outrageous brutality was completely uncalled for, even if the women refused to follow the law.

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazil ordered an inquiry into the incident that took place in the viral video. He called the confrontation “an unusual treatment” of women by the taskforce, implying the assaulted woman must have aggravated the police but said the treatment of the woman was “unconventional.”

Iran’s vice-president for women’s affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, condemned the behavior on Twitter, claiming the “inhumane” behavior could not be justified under any circumstance.

One of the two women in the footage can be heard threatening the police with legal action, to which the policewoman replied, “You cannot do a damn shit.”

The video went viral few months after Iranian women protested for “personal freedom.” They stood on telecom boxes and waived their hijabs in the air, fighting for an end to the law that makes hijab compulsory.

At least 29 women were arrested during the protest.

The video was posted by Masih Alinejad, a U.S.-Iranian activist. It has garnered 2.3 million views with comments still pouring in for support of the assaulted woman.

“People are angry because such mistreatments are happening over and over again. People have lost their hope because the morality police acts with impunity in the name of law,” Alinejad told the Guardian.

“People in Iran can’t fathom this and demand how in the 21st century, someone can be beaten because of her hair. That’s why after all these years such treatments take people by surprise and cause public shock,” she continued.

According to Alinejad, the woman was not taken to the police station because she was not strong enough but arrested people who tried to stop them.

The protest by Iranian women is not against hijabs; rather it is against curbing personal choice. Many women in Iran cover their heads willingly but in the 21st century those who do not want to do so should be given the right.

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