Woman Lashes Out At Cleric After He Told Her To Fix Her Hijab

Between December 2017 an April 2018, 35 women were arrested in Tehran alone for protesting the mandatory hijab.


Footage has emerged showing an Iranian woman defying a cleric after he told the already veiled woman to “fix her hijab”. The cleric also threatens to call the police on her if she does not obey him. In response, the woman rips off her hijab in what appears to be a public space.

The video was posted online by Masih Alinejad, the founder of My Stealthy Freedom, a movement against Iran’s compulsory hijab.

Around forty years ago, wearing the hijab was made mandatory in Iran following the Islamic Revolution. There have always been murmurs of discontent against this constituted modesty.

In recent times, people’s opposition to the government practice of imposing a dress code for women has flourished into a full-fledged movement called “My Stealthy Freedom.” The movement is largely run on social media and encourages women to film themselves existing in public spaces without a hijab on their heads.

The first video was uploaded by the movement’s founder, Masih Alinejad, who filmed herself driving up a road nestled in mountains, her stray, uncovered strands flying in the air.

Since then, women have documented instances of their stolen freedom. Under the initiative “White Wednesdays” men and women in the country also began to wear white from May 2018, to protest the dress code.

However, the government has been greatly perturbed by these lone protestors who dare to take their hijabs off in public. Between December 2017 an April 2018, 35 women were arrested in Tehran alone for protesting the mandatory hijab.

Some of these women were tortured with beatings and kept in solitary confinement while in jail. A woman was slapped by a female member of the state’s morality police after her hijab came loose.


Another, Shaparak Shajarizadeh was arrested after she waved her hijab on a stick. A video from last month shows members of the morality police become increasingly violent towards a scared woman.


About the latest video of the woman defying the forced morality, Alinejad praised the “brave woman” for standing her ground in front of the cleric.

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