First Iranian Man Reenters U.S. After Trump’s Muslim Ban

Ali Vayeghan was allowed into the U.S. after a federal judge ruled his removal violated his right to Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Following President Donald Trump’s prejudicial Muslim ban, an Iranian man was deported from the Los Angeles International Airport to Iran via Dubai. 

Ali Vayeghan was all set to immigrate from Tehran to Los Angeles to reunite with his family after 12 years. But what was supposed to be a happy reunion turned into a depressing ordeal when the green card holder was deported following Trump’s order suspending entry of all refugees from seven Muslim countries. 

Vayeghan's brother Hossein, an Iranian-American, was at the airport to receive his brother when he got a call telling him that his brother was going to be deported. The family reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union for help.

Soon after, acting on an emergency motion by attorneys, U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee granted a temporary restraining order, but Vayeghan had already been sent to UAE by immigration officers by that time.

Things took a positive turn when Vaheygan was allowed back in the country on Feb. 2.

His successful return was a result of Gee’s efforts. She issued an order instructing authorities that his removal violated the right to Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution and because Vaheygan had a legal travel visa and had been approved for a green card, not allowing him in the country was unconstitutional.


The 60-year-old was reunited with his family surrounded by a roar of emotions at the airport.

"Welcome to your new home," said Mayor Eric Garcetti to Vayeghan as he walked out of an airport terminal.

His family was also understandably extremely emotional on his successful return.

"I don't know what to say," said Hossein Vayghan. "I'm thanking everybody here and all the news, all the press."

As of now, Vehygan is the first person immigrant to reenter the United States after a legal challenge to the White House’s executive order.

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