Defiant Iranian Women Cut Off Hair And Dress As Men

The ever-defiant women of Iran have found another way to spite the moral police.

Life isn’t easy for women in Iran. Going out in public without covering your hair has been an offense punishable by law for women since 1979. The law is enforced pretty heavily and many women are arrested or fined by police if they fail to cover up with “appropriate” attire.

Iranian women, however, have been defying this law every chance they get.

They have taken to social media in the past, posting pictures of women exposing their hair in rebellion. Men support women as well, bravely breaking norms in protest.


Another defiant trend seems to be sweeping across the radically conservative country. Women are chopping off their hair and dressing in manly attire to fool the religious police.

A photo that provoked a particularly strong reaction was that of a woman took a selfie while driving with short hair and no hijab.

Fearing serious repercussions after such harsh reactions, many women have now made their profiles private.

“Some girls in Iran would rather secretly dress as men to avoid the compulsory hijab and the morality police,” says Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and activist. “So that is why they make their hair short in order to look like a boy and dress like a boy. 

“It shows that although the government arrests women who post their photos without headscarves, women are not afraid and they are following their own lifestyle.

“The government wants to create fear but women have found their own way to freely walk in the streets of Iran or drive without covering their heads. It is a serious cultural war between two lifestyles. For women, their hair is their identity and making it short to just avoid the morality police is really heartbreaking, but in a way, it is brave,” Alinejad explained.

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Pejman Rahbar, an Iranian sports journalist, recently shared a picture of a girl who had dressed up as a man to attend a football match:


Sports and women simply do not mix in Iran. The government has even forbidden its male players to pose for selfies with female fans.

Recently eight models were reportedly detained for posting "vulgar" pictures on social media with their hair uncovered.

Amazingly, the influence behind this rise in "vulgarity" in Iran, according to the country’s moral police, is none other than U.S. reality TV actress Kim Kardashian.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, an agency responsible for monitoring domestic culture and eliminating the influence of other nations, reportedly believes the social media presence of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is corrupting Iran’s youth.

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