Migrants Found Superglued In Truck Survived Trip By Eating Chocolate

The immigrants were found in a truck that had been superglued, and they survived the trip into England by eating the Belgian chocolate the truck was carrying.

Iraqi and Afghan immigrants survived being literally stuck in the back of a truck by eating the Belgian chocolate it was transporting.

The group of travelers, which included three Iraqi children, seven Iraqi adults, and one Afghan individual, were found inside the back of a truck whose locks had been glued shut after people at a cafe near Warminster, Wiltshire, England, heard shouting coming from the vehicle.

Law enforcement was called to the scene, but only firefighters were able to unlock the vehicle due to the condition of the locks. According to The Telegraph, the immigrants survived by eating the Belgian chocolate the truck had been carrying. 

According to Dave Thomas, the owner of The Willoughby Hedge Layby cafe, this wasn’t the first time this type of incident happened.

“We all knew straight away what the banging and shouting was,” Thomas explained after saying that the truck drivers come to his cafe every Saturday after lunch. “It has happened here twice before in the past 15 years, I believe.”

According to Thomas, the 11 migrants were able to survive thanks to the “very expensive Belgian chocolate” the truck contained. 

"They seemed to have been very lucky as this trailer was a refrigerated unit, but the section that they and the chocolate was in was at normal temperature,” he explained.

It appears that gangs that organize this type of transportation of migrants usually place them in trucks such as this, Thomas explained. Since this wasn’t the first time locals heard of it, nobody was shocked.

The locks, he added, “had been damaged by both glue and force and could not be opened, and it seemed that this is a typical ruse by the gangs that organize people into the country. They get them into the lorry, replace the locks and [then] damage and super glue such that they cannot be opened.”

According to the police, some of the immigrants were children aged between 6 and 15. Crew from the fire brigade also said that at least one of them was a baby.

Law enforcement later issued a statement explaining that the migrants were seen by paramedics and treated. They were later taken by the police for entering the United Kingdom illegally. The fate of these 11 migrants is now in the hands of U.K.’s Home Office Immigration Enforcement.

Immigrant officials confirmed the law enforcement reached out to them but did not elaborate on whether the immigrants would be allowed to remain in the country.

It’s tragic to think that many of these immigrants often go through a great deal of pain and suffering to make their way to Europe, sometimes selling all they have to pay gangs to smuggle them in. Unfortunately, it’s not often that they manage to remain in Europe, being sent back to the war-torn countries from where they escaped.

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