Iraqi Newlywed Beaten To Death Over Suspicion Of Not Being A Virgin

”A man died, a girl was killed, and a boy was imprisoned... An entire family has been destroyed because of a hymen,” said an online user.



To this day in many of the patriarchal societies of the Middle East and South Asia, if a woman has acted in a way which seems inappropriate to observers or has violated certain principles, then the chances are, her fate is going to be decided by her family. She probably won’t be even given a chance to defend herself and in worst case scenario, she’ll be put to death by her loved ones.

What’s worse is everything will be done in the name of so-called honor.

In yet another appalling case of what is dubbed “honor killing,” a newlywed bride in Iraq was beaten to death by her own brother because her husband suspected she wasn’t a virgin.

According to a local news outlet, the husband got skeptical about his bride’s virginity just the morning after the wedding and took her back to her parent’s house in the Najaf governorate the same day.

Predictably, the woman’s family didn’t take the accusations very well. In fact, just the suggestion that she might have had some sort of a physical contact with a man outside of a marriage, was apparently enough to seal her fate. 

The woman’s father upon hearing the claims suffered a sudden stroke and died instantly. On the other hand, the brother reportedly violently hit her with a sharp object which eventually led to her death.

According to media reports, the distraught mother of the woman requested a postmortem report. The autopsy results reportedly suggested the victim had died with her hymen intact.

The husband apparently decided her virtue by the fact she had a “loose hymen” and that there were no signs of the tissue breaking.

However, the autopsy results suggested the victim had a type of "elastic" hymen that doesn’t break even after having an intercourse multiple times.

But what good were these revelations to a mother who had already lost her daughter due to a group of ignorant and entitled men?

The perpetrator was soon arrested by the authorities and the penalty he will face is yet to be determined.

Such horrific instances are just testament to various misconceptions about a thin tissue between a woman’s legs which in many societies determine her life, her values and her fate.

A woman doesn’t have to necessarily break any cultural taboo to be a victim of the honor killing. In fact, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, renouncing a faith, being a homosexual and even being the victim of a sexual assault, might be the reason enough for a family to put a woman’s life to an end.

In cases where a woman has been raped, the family might know she’s innocent but the rumors that had started are often seen as a blot on the honor and the reputation of the victim’s entire family. So, what’s the best way to deal with it? Killing the victim, it appears.

Moreover, the medical experts have repeatedly explained how a broken hymen doesn't necessarily mean a woman has lost her virginity. Some females are even born without it, while others might break their hymens for reasons unrelated to sexual intercourse, such as using tampons and horseback riding.

Needless to say, there is absolutely no justification for this horrific interfamilial violence and social media users were just as disgusted by the senseless murder.

”A man died, a girl was killed, and a boy was imprisoned... An entire family has been destroyed because of a hymen. May God curse Arabs and their fake honor,"commented one.

Others said how such instances is yet another reason why sexual education is important.

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