Never Say Never: Irish Student Stuns People With Epic Comeback In Race

Life is full of surprises – and a runner from University of College Cork proves just that.

During the Irish University Athletics Associations Championships race, things didn't look good for runner Phil Healy. The University of College Cork athlete was desperately trying to catch up with other runners, but heading toward a dismal finish.

Amazingly, things soon turned around and just toward the end of the race, Healy made a brilliant comeback, zooming past four other runners as commentators went crazy not knowing which direction the race was headed.

 “UCC, from the depths of hell, are powering through,” a commentator shouted in excitement.

In an unpredictable outcome, Healy was finally able to rush past the finish line before collapsing on the ground.

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“Twenty minutes before the 4x400, I had just run the 200 meter final and then one of the girls on the UCC team came up to me and asked me would I be interested in doing the 4x400,” the student revealed on a 2FM radio show, according to The Irish Independent.

“With 200 to go, I said, ‘OK, I have it in my legs, I might as well go for it’... with 130 to go, I was getting closer and closer and thought let’s go for third, I got to third and was like ‘second was close too.’ It was like total momentum and adrenaline taking me,” she added.

Following the miraculous win, Healy tweeted:


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