Is Bernie Sanders The Only Person Who Thinks He Should Keep Running?

While Hillary Clinton has all but pinned down being the presumptive Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders is still hanging on until the bitter end.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders says he won’t give up the race toward the presidency until the convention, despite Hillary Clinton being named the presumptive Democratic nominee after the final primaries took place Tuesday.

Sanders is far from being a bitter old man, but he needs to follow his own advice and realize, “Enough is enough!”

It’s high time Sanders accepts his defeat and allows Clinton a clear path towards conquering Trump on the campaign trail. Besides, it seems most everyone — and not just the media — has moved on to the inevitable fact that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee after taking victories in California and New Jersey last night.

A number of Sanders’ supporters have already accepted that Clinton will be the party nominee and the fact that he has virtually no chance of winning the presidency.

According to Washington Post’s delegate tracker, Clinton has secured 2,755 delegate votes, while Sanders only has 1,852. Clinton has far surpassed the 2,383 delegate vote mark which is needed to clinch the nomination. 

Even Senator Jeff Merkley, Sanders’ sole supporter in the Senate, admitted Sanders’ loss to the Washington Post on Wednesday.

“We have our nominee. This is the moment when we need to start bringing parts of the party together so they can go into the convention with locked arms and go out of the convention unified into the general election,” Merkley, who is also a superdelegate, stated.

Furthermore, the group MoveOn Political Action, which had long supported Sanders, announced Wednesday that Clinton should be the nominee for the Democrats, The Hill reports.

On the flip side, Democracy For America, who also backs Sanders, is not throwing in the towel for his campaign just yet.

At this stage in the game, a Sanders comeback seems like a long shot considering that 571 of the 712 superdelegates have expressed support for Clinton.

While the Democratic Party begins to accept Clinton as the nominee, Sanders himself needs to do the same and allow her to streamline efforts to unify the party in their fight against Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump. 

Photo Credit: Reuters

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