Is Donald Trump Hitler Reincarnated? The Evidence Is Damning

No one wants to admit it but facts are facts. Philly Daily News.

Early Tuesday morning the Philly Daily News released a tweet teasing their next cover story.


The story draws comparisons between Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Trump was asked on CNN’s “New Day” whether or not this comparison bothered him at all.

Trump’s response was a simple and emphatic, “No.”

Deciphering Trump is like trying to understand a dog. One needs to interpret the thoughtless chirps and shouts into some sort of humanly decipherable desire or motivation.

By digging just a bit deeper, what Trump was really trying to communicate with his “no” becomes shockingly clear: Trump was not bothered by this comparison to Hitler because he is Hitler reincarnated into a new, and even more terrifying, form.

Why else would such a normally outspoken man, a man running for president of The United States no less, have absolutely no comment when compared to the most vilified figure in human history?

Consider the evidence.

Fear Mongering

Both Trump and Hitler rose from political nobodies to aspiring rulers by channeling the fear and distrust of those they hoped to subjugate onto a marginalized people group.

Hitler did this by positioning Germany’s Jewish population as threats to national security, and Trump is now doing the exact same thing with Muslims in the United States.



Hitler was a master orator and Trump never misses an opportunity to shout himself silly to a group of fiendish supporters.

Now, to be fair, Hitler was a much better speaker than Trump. This loss in ability, however, can easily be explained by the taxing journey through the spirit world Hitler had to make before he could claim Trump as his new vessel.


Both Trump and Hitler seem to possess a great love for raising their hands in what has become known colloquially as the “Nazi Salute.”

Also, Trump seems to share Hitler’s unfortunate inability to know that his chosen hairstyle looks absolutely ridiculous to everyone but himself.

It all adds up.


Unfortunately, it seems that Hitler has returned in the form of a megalomaniac Republican.

His loss of intellect might have stalled his rise to power, but so far he seems to be combating that particular weakness by attracting a large number of similarly slow whited followers.

The original Hitler became history’s most despised villain with nothing but a failed art career to guide him, imagine what this version will be capable of with billions.

Hold your families close everyone. The end may be near. 

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