Is Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Standing Against Trump?

Kellyanne Conway's husband, George Conway, seems to be tweeting a great deal lately. And the posts don't seem flattering to his wife's boss.

Conway looks at a man standing next to her.

One of President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers, Kellyanne Conway, may have a lot of explaining to do now that her husband is tweeting negative polls about her boss.

A poll published recently by The Weekly Standard shows that 82 percent of GOP voters between the ages of 18 and 24 said that Trump should be challenged in 2020. Meanwhile, 74 percent of voters ages 65 and older disagreed. George Conway, the White House adviser’s husband, quote-tweeted a post by reporter Haley Byrd who tweeted the poll and added, "The Trump divide here tells you everything you need to know about the current age dynamics of the Republican Party.”

In his post, George Conway added more results from the poll, saying, “ages 25-34: 57% yes; ages 35-44: 58% yes."

According to Newsweek, this particular post stands out because it seems similar to a series of other tweets that sounded critical of the president.

Later the same day, George Conway tweeted stories criticizing Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, and even retweeted a post by The New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt claiming that payments such as the one made by Michael Cohen, the now disgraced attorney who gave “hush” money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, did not happen at Giuliani’s former law firm without the client knowing about it first.

This implies that, perhaps, George Conway thinks that Giuliani’s claims aren’t to be trusted, as he had previously said hush payments were a common procedure at his firm, and that they were not always disclosed to clients.

While this series of tweets may indicate that the conservative lawyer George Conway has a problem with the president, this isn’t the first time he seemed critical of Trump on Twitter.

In April, he also tweeted the Federal Election Commission guidelines after the president admitted to paying back Cohen for giving Daniels money to stay quiet about their alleged affair, effectively rebuking Giuliani's defense of the president.

Kellyanne Conway, who has been pressed in the past about her husband's anti-Trump tweets, might be getting tired of her significant other's antics as his comments keep making the news.

We wonder if Kellyanne Conway will be questioning her husband’s Twitter etiquette at home tonight, or if these tweets actually signal something else completely. Maybe Trump’s trusted adviser is starting to side with her man.

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