Is Session’s Uranium One Probe Meant To Distract Us From Russia?

The Justice Department has been ordered to look into Uranium One once again, prompting many people to question whether the decision was meant as a distraction.

Trump frowns.

Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, has issued an order to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to re-examine the 2010 Uranium One deal. This has prompted many people online to question whether the decision is now being used to keep the media off the Russia probe.

Back in October, Trump mentioned the deal when talking about President Barack Obama and his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling it the “biggest story that Fake Media doesn't want to follow.”

But the media did follow it when more details were made available.

According to a 2015 story in The New York Times, while she served as secretary of state, Clinton signed off on a deal involving Uranium One, a company that had been built and financed by the Canadian mining industry and then later sold to Russia. The deal gave Russians control over at least one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.

Shortly after the deal was ultimately approved, the Clinton Foundation received a fat donation of $2.35 million from Uranium One’s chairman, which The New York Times called a “special ethical [challenge].”

But after Trump mentioned the story on Twitter, Republicans promptly started questioning the entire case once again, wondering whether the former administration was aware of Russia’s involvement.

This has allowed Trump to draw attention away from the Russia probe investigating possible election interference as well as collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign staff.

Now that an order has been given for the case to be reviewed, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd said, Sessions will get help from DOJ lawyers to decide whether the department should appoint a special counsel to look at the case.

On social media, users speculated on Trump’s intention.

Even if the Trump administration is using Uranium One as an excuse to keep the media off the FBI’s Russia probe, it’s clear that the relationship between the president and news organizations is far from friendly, so it is highly unlikely media outlets will ignore any revelations made by the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Nice try, Trump. 

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