Trump's National Security Adviser Met With Party Founded By Nazis

Reports show that Trump's national security adviser met with Austrian white national, Islamophobic, and anti-immigrant politician Heinz-Christian Strache.

President-elect Donald Trump's national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, reportedly met with Austrian white nationalist politician Heinz-Christian Strache.

The New York Times first reported on the meeting because Strache was also signing a cooperation deal with Russia when he met with Flynn.

Strache, The Huffington Post reports, is the leader of Austria's Freedom Party, an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-EU group which was founded by a Nazi.

The Freedom Party recently got an astonishing 35 percent of the parliamentary vote in Austria and almost won their presidential election, reflecting the global rise in fascism that has surged around the world, including Brexit and the election of Trump in the United States.

The party revealed that Strache met with Flynn in Trump Tower. Strache said of the meeting on Facebook, "Internationally, the Freedom Party continues to gain in influence" — a chilling thought.

Heinz-Christian Strache, FPO

Strache's interest in meeting with the incoming president's pick for national security advisor shouldn't be all that surprising, considering Trump has suggested a ban on Muslims and appointed Flynn, who openly called Islam a "cancer." 

Strache is also consumed by anti-Islamic beliefs. The Telegraph reports that Strache voiced white supremacist values in an interview, saying, "In some school classes just two out of the 30 children are Austrian, and they are confronted with racism every day. It is inverse racism."

"I have heard that every second name in some schools in Britain will soon be Mohammed, rather than John or Paul," said Strache. "Do you want the residents of Britain to become a minority and to have English as a minority language in a school?"

The Trump team has not yet commented on the meeting between Flynn and Strache.

The main tool — and weakest point — of white nationals is how they play on people's fears to prop up their regressive agendas. Anyone who is friends with a Muslim person or a Latino immigrant family is going to see right through the xenophobic rhetoric being espoused by these bigots. But the fact that so many white nationals are being given power in the Trump administration, and that officials like Flynn are openly communicating with neo-fascists like Strache, is certainly cause for great concern and vigilance.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters, Leonhard Foeger, Mike Segar

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