Is Trump’s Trade War Affecting His Own Campaign Merchandise?

Chinese manufacturers are complaining that President Donald Trump's trade war is forcing their Trump-related products to spend more time at U.S. customs.

A MAGA hat on a table.

President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has already proven detrimental to everyone, even the president himself.

After Trump proposed a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, some of which include hats, other “headgear," and textiles, such as flags, China’s state-backed tabloid Global Times reported that textile suppliers who make Trump-themed hats and flags have noticed their products are taking longer to arrive in the United States than usual.

Tensions raised by the president’s new tariffs, they said, are what’s causing the delay. And as Chinese goods spend more time at U.S. customs checkpoints before reaching their destination, factories reported a small drop in orders.

"Usually the goods only take 10 days to reach US customers. Now it is taking 15 days or longer," Wu Yuepei, Qiwang Textile product manager told the news outlet.

Manufacturers from Jiangsu and Hebei provinces who reportedly produced several “Make America Great Again” hats claimed that the tariffs will definitely increase the price of their hats.

Yao Dandan, a manager at Shaoxing Keqiao Jiahao Arts & Crafts Co., said that its flags are also taking longer to arrive and that so far, 50,000 “Trump flags” had already been sold. But despite fears that the Chinese market will suffer because of the tariffs, Dandan said he believes that U.S. companies will have a hard time replacing their products.

"If the U.S. merchandisers want to find alternatives, they might look at some developing nations. But the price and quality may fall short of their expectations. All in all, you will probably only find the highest value delivered for the same price here in China," he told reporters.

Dandan said his textile compay is still receiving orders from the U.S. to supply merchandise vendors with new "Trump 2020" and "Keep America Great!" flags.

While Chinese manufacturers all across the Zhejiang province said they have been producing flags for Trump’s re-election bid, the official Trump campaign team told reporters that all of its products are made in the United States.

It's quite a claim when you consider the many Trump-related merchandise and clothing items produced in China and other countries over the years.

Recently, it was reported that part of the products sold by Ivanka Trump’s brand of clothing had been spared from Donald Trump’s trade war. But now it appears that at least Ivanka Trump's handbags will suffer because of her father's trade war, forcing her to increase the price of her handbags if she continues to produce them in China.

But now that even Trump’s “Keep America Great!” merchandise might hurt because of his own policies, we wonder if he gave his tariff proposal a second look before making it official.


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