Is Trump's Tyrannical Stampede To The White House A 'Putin Plot'?

The Clinton campaign has been so quick to blame Putin for hacking the DNC email server, it’s taking away from the fact that the U.S. created Trump.

As journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, Donald Trump’s authoritarianism isn’t likely to be a “Putin plot,” but rather an extension of United States socioeconomic circumstances which have led to us being so close to electing an evidently corrupt leader.

While corruption may be an easy label for Americans to pin onto Putin, the U.S. must acknowledge that Trump’s rhetoric is a U.S. phenomenon, not some foreign ploy of Vladimir Putin’s to gain control over the White House.

There is, at this point, no solid evidence that Putin is in fact behind the DNC Wikileaks hack which made over 20,000 emails public domain.

It’s what the FBI and the Clinton campaign want the public to believe and are doing their utmost to secure this opinion.

That said, it is still overwhelmingly alarming that Trump – who is about to receive national security briefings as the presidential candidate – will have access to information that is valuable to Putin.  

Nevertheless, the links between Trump and the Russian leader cannot be easily dismissed. Putin, who has a history of human rights abuses, has endorsed Trump, and vice versa.

Donald trump

This is not altogether surprising considering that Trump has repeatedly called for punishments which violate international human rights.

For example, he would like the reinstatement of waterboarding, a torture practice that was banned during George W. Bush’s administration. Trump supports forms of torture en par with what the Islamic State does, in his words, to “fight fire with fire.” Never mind that waterboarding is considered an international war crime.

Trump has also called for a mandatory death penalty for those who have been convicted of murdering police officers. Furthermore, Trump believes that the “lethal injection is too comfortable” and should be replaced with a more painful alternative.

Perhaps what has endeared Putin to Trump most, finally , is the latter’s unwavering stance towards killing innocent civilians; back in December, Trump announced his plot to kill off entire families who have terrorist connections as a means of defeating the Islamic State.

All of these statements made by Trump have garnered him the love and support of millions of Americans, with or without Putin’s support, as he is now in the lead in popularity polls over Hillary Clinton.  


Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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