Man Found With Loaded Gun, SWAT Equipment Arrested In Chicago

The suspect was arrested from Chicago after a bomb-sniffing dog alerted the authorities to the contents in the duffel bag he was carrying.


A man with a loaded gun, wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a duffel bag with SWAT equipment, was arrested at Chicago's Union Station, thanks to an alert police dog.

Isaiah Malailua was arrested from one of the busiest stations in Chicago after a bomb-sniffing dog alerted the authorities to the contents in Malailua's duffel bag.

The duffel bag containing the SWAT equipment was allegedly stolen from New York after some New York Police Department officers left a load of tactical equipment unattended in Hell’s Kitchen. The bag was taken all the way to Chicago. It was left unattended at the train station, along with NYPD SWAT patches and a bus ticket for Malailua. The bag's contents included helmets, vest panels, tourniquets and earpieces.

Malailua was also carrying an illegally owned loaded 9mm Taurus-brand handgun. It is still unclear whether the gun was also part of the NYPD equipment from the duffel bag.

Ironically, the stolen gear belonged to NYPD’s highly trained Strategic Response Group, which is trained to handle active shooters and terrorist attacks.

The thief, allegedly Malailua, smashed the rear window of the patrol car and walked away with the equipment unnoticed.

"We are aware of the incident and are working with authorities in Chicago. The investigation is ongoing," an NYPD statement said.

Cook County Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke set Malailua’s bail at $100,000 on weapons charges. He ordered Malailua to stay in the Chicago area for the duration of his case.

“This is troubling, to say the least, in light of what’s happening in our country,” said Lyke at a court hearing.

Judge Lyke seems to be referring to the gun epidemic that has engulfed the entire nation, with more reported incidents of gun violence and attempted shootings.

The news of Malailua’s arrest was not received well by the general public, which alleged that had Malailua been black, he would have been shot on the spot by the police.





The backlash against the police is fueled by the latest incident of police brutality when an unarmed black man, Stephon Clark, was killed in his own backyard after he was shot 20 times as the police mistook his cell phone for a gun.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Chicago Police Department

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