Islamophobe Hurls Eggs At Food Vendor In Hate-Fueled Attack

The halal food truck owner was chatting with a customer when someone began pelting him with eggs, one of which contained a note with a hateful message.

This week in unwarranted Islamophobic attacks, a Queens, New York, food vendor was assaulted by a random stranger with eggs and a hateful message.

According to the New York Daily News, a note attached to one of the eggs read “F*** Arab. F*** Muslim.”

The 56-year-old vendor, Farid el-Baghdadi, was reportedly sitting in a chair and talking with a customer outside of his halal food truck around midnight on Monday when eggs were hurled at him, striking his right arm and upper body.

He called the cops but refrained from filing a report because he wasn’t hurt; however, when the police left the scene, the assailant returned and pelted more eggs at el-Baghdadi, including the one with the note attached.

The authorities were called yet again, and the New York Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force is now conducting an investigation. 

The so-called American dream has become more of a horrific nightmare for Muslims in this country. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Bruce Emmerling 

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