Michigan Official Not Sorry For His Call To Kill 'Every Last Muslim'

Jeff Sieting is standing firm in his hatred and bigotry amid demands to step down.

The president of Kalsaka village in northern Michigan reportedly refused to apologize for spewing hate speech against Muslims in a series of Facebook posts.  

Jeff Sieting’s threatening call for the killing of "every last Muslim" and for nuclear weapons to be used on the world's 10-largest Muslim-majority cities may be the cause of his removal from office.

Another hateful post said Muslims were destructive and "there is simply no place for them in our world." 

Some of Sieting's constituents are demanding he apologize.

"You ran for office to represent all of the people of this community, not just the white, non-Muslim ones. You were supposed to represent all of your constituents," Cindy Anderson said.  

Others joined in the call for an apology, but the Michigan official — who is also a Trump supporter — showed no remorse. 

“I owe nobody an apology for exercising my First Amendment rights,” he said, adding that people are only criticizing him because he supports President Donald Trump.

"If they don't like my opinion, stay off my social media page ... None of these opinions have any effect on how I serve this community."

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for state and national leaders to rebut Sieting's bigotry against Muslims.

Residents are now calling for removal of the president from office. They are looking for someone to potentially run against the bigot in 2018. Around 150 people have created a private group on Facebook, “Kalkaska Residents for Peace" and they are looking for a potential rival who would fight for equal rights, unlike their current village president.

Phoebe Hopps, who is a social-justice advocate and the founder of Women's March Michigan, also joined in after Kalsaka residents contacted her. She is now in talks with village the police to "create a safe space" for residents to voice their concerns.

A protest against Sieting is scheduled soon, and it will air on Facebook Live on the Women's March Michigan page. "It's important to note that this isn't against our president or against Republicans," said Hopps. "This is an all-inclusive message of unity and peace. It's a non-partisan demonstration."

Joyce Golden, a Sieting supporter, defended the president. 

“If you don’t want to read it, get off of (his Facebook page),” she said, acknowledging she does not know him. “From what I do know, you are a very honest, faithful, hardworking man and I thank you for that. I hope you continue and stand your ground for your beliefs. I don’t believe he has to represent everybody.”

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