Father Fatally Shoots Police Officer To Prevent His Son’s Arrest

In an attempt to protect his son, Ismael Pereira de Souza snatched an officer’s gun and opened fire, killing one of the cops and injuring the other.

Warning: Some viewers might find the contents of this video disturbing.

A simple altercation between cops and a man playing loud music in his car ended in bloodshed and carnage in Goias, Brazil, after the man refused to obey the officers and his father intervened to protect him from being arrested.

The video above, captured from a cell phone, shows the dramatic moment 49-year-old Ismael Pereira de Souza grabbed a police officer’s gun from his holster, shooting and killing the officer.

The incident occurred during a party on Friday night. The cops had asked de Souza’s son to turn down the volume of his car speakers, but instead of doing as asked, he turned it up even louder once the officers left, prompting them to come back and arrest him.

The officers tried to force the 29-year-old troublemaker into the back of the police car, but they were largely unsuccessful as a woman, presumed to be a relative, decided to get involved and physically stop the officers.

Taking advantage of the scuffle, de Souza snatched Officer Uires Alves da Silva’s gun and fired 15 shots at the cops. After Silva fell down, the father shot him from a close distance, killing him.

The officer’s partner, who was also injured, shot de Souza dead at the crime scene.

“Ismael's son had his music in his car on too loud. Police went to ask him to turn it down and he reduced the volume before putting it up again as they left,” said a police spokesperson, according to the Daily Mail. “The police returned to the scene and a fight started. After the officer was killed, his colleague Helio Bezerra de Souza was also shot by Ismael but managed to fire back at him and killed him.”

Meanwhile, the authorities arrested the son on suspicion of homicide, calling him an alleged accomplice in an officer’s murder.

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