Israeli Minister Smiles As Soccer Fans Scream Genocidal Chants

Miri Regev posted the video in which she can be seen surrounded by soccer fans who are chanting, “I hate all Arabs,” and “burn down your village."



An senior Israeli politician has come under fire after she posted a video of herself smiling at a soccer match, surrounded by fans who are belting out racist, genocidal chants.

Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev recently attended a game between Bnei Sakhnin, Israel's only Arab soccer club, and Beitar Jerusalem, which is notorious for its fans' anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism.

Regev recorded a message in which she talked about sportsmanship but toward the end, a bunch of Beitar supporters surrounded her and broke out into chants like, “I hate all Arabs,” and “burn down your village."

In response, Regev kept smiling.

This kind of racist behavior from Beitar fans is nothing new since they have shouted “death to Arabs” at several matches. In fact, last year, 19 members of the club's most radical fans, collectively known as the "La Familia" group, were charged with attempted murder, including of supporters of rival clubs. Things got to a point that the club had to announce if fans did not stop singing racist songs, the team would leave the pitch.

Regev's lack of concern over the genocidal chants is also not surprising, given the fact she is the same person who, in 2012, said, "The Sudanese [migrants] are a cancer in our body.”

However, after her Facebook video unleashed a storm of well-deserved criticism against her and Beitar fans, she quickly announced an “urgent meeting on the subject of violence,” adding “we will take strong action and will not have any tolerance toward violence and racist calls in sports arenas.”

Sounds more like an attempt at damage control than anything else, given she had the chance to condemn the violent chants at the stadium — but she didn't.

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