'Son Of A B***h': IDF Soldiers Laugh While Firing At Palestinian Man

“One live bullet and the whole thing will be over,” one of the soldiers says. "We need one good hit, and that's it. That'll teach them not to throw stones."


A new video has emerged, showing Israeli soldiers gloating and cheering as they fired weapons at Palestinian protesters in Madama, a village in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem released the video of the April 13 incident, stating the shooting unfolded after at least 30 Palestinians began removing a roadblock the Israeli army had put at the entrance of the village.

The video shows three heavily armed Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers firing stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets at Palestinians, who were, apparently, standing at a considerable distance.

“We need one good hit and that’s it,” says one soldier to another, who appears to be his subordinate. “That’ll teach them not to throw stones.”

The second soldier, then, fires. “Haha!” he exclaims after getting up.

“You hit him! The son of a b***h,” the first tells him.

The soldiers also discuss among themselves how firing warning shots can deter stone-throwing protesters. They plan to wait for the villagers to come closer so the officers can easily shoot at them.

"We need one good hit, and that's it. That'll teach them not to throw stones," says one soldier.

At one point in the video, the officers also mull using live ammunition.

"One live bullet and the whole thing will be over," says one soldier before the other one reminds him the Israeli army already uses rubber bullets, which are not considered lethal; but they are. A December 2017 study, using Israeli data, found "about three in every 100 people injured by rubber bullets died as a result."

The video emerged just days after another clip, confirmed as authentic by the IDF, showed Israeli soldiers celebrating as an Israeli sniper shoots an unarmed Palestinian near the Gaza border.

Since March 30, Palestinians have been protesting near Gaza's border with Israel in a series of demonstrations called the "March of Return." Since then, Israeli soldiers have killed at least 37 Palestinians and wounded about 5,000.



Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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