Palestinians' Legs Amputated After Israel Denies Entry To West Bank

Two Palestinian men were shot by Israeli officials, and yet, Israeli authorities refused to let them seek medical attention in the West Bank.

Injured Palestinian screams while being cared.

Two Palestinian demonstrators had to have their legs amputated because Israel didn't let them enter the West Bank after protests that erupted at the Gaza border.

This goes to show just how unjust the Israeli government is toward the Palestinian population living under military occupation.

The case, which is now being discussed by the High Court of Justice because one of the amputees may need another amputation, wouldn’t have come to this if the two men had been allowed to enter in order to obtain proper treatment in Ramallah.

When a petition was filed by the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights on behalf of the two men on Sunday requesting an urgent hearing, the court waited. It gave the government three days to answer. Due to the delay and the initial refusal, each of the men lost one of their legs, Haaretz reports.

The men were injured after being shot in the legs during the demonstrations. Israeli authorities used the men's involvement in the protests as a reason to reject their request. Still, they recognized that the men did, indeed, meet the requirements for getting the permission.

“On the surface, the petitioners’ condition ostensibly fulfills the medical criterion for receiving a permit but the authorized officials decided not to grant their requests,” the Israeli response to the petition read. “The main consideration for the refusal stems from the fact that their medical condition is a function of their participation in the disturbances.”

If the government had simply kept its word and followed its own protocol, the men could have had their legs saved.

According to Adalah Legal Center attorney Sawsan Zahar, the amputations “could have been prevented if the state had fulfilled its obligation under the humanitarian international law.” Unfortunately, Zahar added, the Israeli government cares little for international law. Instead, it found a way to punish the Palestinians for their disagreement by not letting them get the medical attention they needed.

Israeli authorities have been under fire by news organizations after Palestinians claimed that over a dozen protesters were killed by IDF soldiers. Yet none of this has been addressed by President Donald Trump, whose apparent loyalty to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes him ignore human rights abuses committed by the Israeli government.

What will it take for the United States to condemn the Israeli government's disturbing actions?

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