Israeli Embassy Responds To Iran Nuclear Threat With ‘Mean Girls’ GIF

At a time when Israel is facing backlash for killing unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, why did its embassy think sending the Iranian leader a meme was good idea?



Days after engaging in direct exchange of fire with Israel for the first time in decades, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei doubled down on his stance against its Middle Eastern neighbor by sending out a scathing tweet calling it a “malignant cancerous tumor.”

The tweet came shortly after the Iranian leader declared the country would not accept limits on its ballistic missile program and promised to increase uranium enrichment capacity if other countries decided to follow the United States’ suit by withdrawing from the historic nuclear deal, according to Reuters.

Given the rising tensions in the Middle East and the threatening nature of Khamenei’s tweet, one would expect Israel, which sees Iran as a regional rival and appears to have been pushing President Donald Trump towards a conflict with it, would respond with some level of professionalism and diplomacy.

However, this is how the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., responded:


That’s not so fetch.

At a time when Israel is facing international backlash over brutal killings of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, why did its embassy think sending the Iranian leader a meme in response to a strongly-worded tweet was good idea?

Unsurprisingly, some social media users were clearly not impressed by the reply.



“Who is a 15-year-old responsible for Twitter of the Foreign Ministry?”

Some, however, thought it was funny.


In 2015, after more 10 years of negotiations, Iran and six major world powers, including the United States, reached a landmark nuclear deal that could transform the politics of the Middle East, for the better.

In May 2018, Trump decided to scrap it, killing any chance of avoiding a major armed conflict in the embattled region.

Although Trump had been an ardent critic of the deal ever since it was reached during the Obama administration, it’s also important to mention two of the most important members of his cabinet, National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, were also notoriously opposed to having any negotiations with Iran.

Meanwhile, both Israel and Saudi Arabia have also played a huge role in worsening the ties between the United States and Iran.

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