VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Beat Up Palestinian Man After Shooting Him

The IDF claimed the injured protester died of tear gas inhalation. However, the video shows Israeli soldiers kicking and beating him after shooting him at point blank range.

Newly released footage by an Israeli human rights organization contradicts the claim by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of how a Palestinian man died last month.

On Feb. 22, 2015, Israeli soldiers entered Jericho, a city in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in a raid that led to a confrontation with around 50 Palestinian protesters, according to Reuters

During the clash, a demonstrator, later identified as Yassin Omar al-Saradeeh, ran toward a group of IDF soldiers in an alley with what appears to be a metal bar.

In the CCTV video, released by B'Tselem, one of the soldiers can be seen shooting at al-Saradeeh at point-blank range, aiming at his lower body.

As the man drops on the ground, more soldiers arrive and start kicking him and beating him with their guns. Even though al-Saradeeh can be seen lying on his stomach, they continue to pummel him before dragging him through the alley.

Nearly 27 minutes pass but the soldiers do not provide or call for any medical aid. Later, one of them throws a tear-gas canister in the alley and they disappear from the frame.

Almost 15 minutes later, the IDF soldiers re-emerge, this time outside the alley. They can be seen holding al-Saradeeh by his arms and legs. They put him in a jeep and drive away reportedly to army medics. However, the Palestinian man pronounced dead.

Initially, the IDF claimed al-Saradeeh was fatally wounded before changing the reason behind his death to tear-gas inhalation. They also claimed although the man was shot, "he was most likely not hit." But the video clearly shows al-Saradeeh had been subdued after the shot was fired.

Meanwhile, autopsy results show al-Saradeeh may have died from blood loss caused from a bullet wound in his abdomen and CCTV footage shows excessive use of force by Israeli soldiers.

The IDF has interrogated eight soldiers in connection with the incident. So far, no details have been released of the probe.

However, considering a majority of similar cases involving the IDF and the deaths of Palestinian protesters, B'Tselem stated it is unlikely any of the soldiers will be indicted.

Banner/Thumbnail: Mohamad Torokman/Reuters

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