Footage Shows IDF Soldiers Cheering On As Sniper Shoots Unarmed Man

The Israel Defense Forces’ soldiers can be heard praising the video. “Film it, film it. What a legendary video,” an Israeli soldier purportedly says in the background.


As the abhorrent attacks at the Gaza border intensify, another disturbing video is making rounds on social media.

The video shows soldiers cheering and hooting as an Israeli sniper shoots an unarmed Palestinian on the other side of the Gaza border.

The video gets more outrageous as one of the soldiers cheers, “Wow, what a video! YES! Son of a w****.”

It seems to have been filmed through a rifle lens or binoculars. One soldier is heard shouting instructions before the Palestinian is brutally shot.

"When he comes out, you get him. Do you have a bullet in the barrel? Are you on him? Go,” one soldier can be heard screaming orders. Moments later, a single shot is heard as the Palestinian falls to the ground. Immediately many others run to help the victim, attempting to move him from the ground.

As panic ensued on the other side of the barbed fence, the Israel Defense Forces soldiers are heard praising the video. “Film it, film it. What a legendary video,” an Israeli soldier is heard saying.

The clip surfaced after largely unarmed Palestinian protestors at the Gaza border have been met with cruel force, resulting in the death of at least 30 people since March 30.

However, the IDF claimed the video may have been recorded a few months ago.

The Israeli forces released a statement, “With regard to the video of the soldiers at the Gaza Strip border — it was probably an event that occurred a number of months ago. The event will be investigated and examined thoroughly.”

The video clip has been condemned widely on social media with people calling it “morally abhorrent” and “reprehensible.”

"It is a clip that terrifies the soul, rejoicing over the taking of a life and what appears to be the execution of someone who endangered no one,” said Ayman Odeh, the head of the Joint List of Arab parties.

The Israeli military has stationed shooters in the area surrounding the fenced border, claiming it a “no-go zone,” but failed to specify the exact distance that must be maintained from the border.

The protest by the Palestinians is for the long-standing conflict between the two nations that has turned into a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of unarmed protestors suffer brutal force at the hands of Israeli forces.

Twitter users posted their grievances over the killing of a man and the inhumane reaction by the IDF soldiers.





Recently, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, there are “no innocent” people in Gaza. Lieberman should look in the mirror. The video takes the cruelty shown by the Israeli forces to unprecedented levels.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

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