Gaza Killing: Family Of Slain 19-Year-Old Palestinian Demands Answers

“He had no gun, no Molotov, a tire. Does that harm the Israelis, a tire? He wasn’t going toward the Israeli side. He was running away.”


The “March for Return” on Gaza’s border with Israel was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration to mark the anniversary of the 1976 expropriation of Arab-owned land by the Israeli government. However, it turned into a massacre as heavily armed Israeli soldiers opened fire on scores of Palestinian men, women and children, killing at least 16 and injuring nearly 700 people.

One of the victims was 19-year-old Abdul Fattah Abdul Nabi, who was shot in the back of the head by Israeli forces as he was running away from the border fence holding a tire. The brutal killing was caught on camera and soon went viral on social media, drawing attention to the atrocities being committed in the region.

Nabi’s family, which just buried him and can’t stop watching the video of his cold-blooded murder, is not only demanding an answer but is also calling for an investigation into the massacre.

“He had no gun, no Molotov, a tire. Does that harm the Israelis, a tire?” asked the victim’s 22-year-old brother Mohamed Abdul Nabi. “He wasn’t going toward the Israeli side. He was running away.”

His comments were in reference to Israel’s official response about its rules of engagement, where it claimed the Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails, burned tires and stones at them as they tried to cross the fence.

What threat did an unarmed 19-year-old holding a non-inflamed rubber tire pose to Israeli snipers – that too when he was running away not towards the fence?

The United Nations has also called for an independent investigation into the violence, saying it was “deeply concerned” by Israel’s strategy to open fire at protesters.

However, it is hopeless to demand accountability from someone like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who actually praised his forces for the bloodshed.

“Israel will act firmly and decisively to protect its sovereignty and the security of its citizens,” he said in a statement.



Thousands of Palestinians gathered near Gaza’s border with Israel to “March for Return,” Israeli forces prepared for the protest by issuing an order an order to deploy around 100 snipers — with permission to open fire.

As reports of the killing of at least 16 Palestinians emerged, shocking video of a young unarmed man being shot in cold blood circulated on social media.

The video showed a man running in a plain ground while shots were being fired at him. Seconds later, around three to four men come running toward him. As all of them run in an attempt to cross the field, one of them falls onto the ground as a bullet hits him.

According to reports, Israeli forces shot the man, Abd AlFatah, in the head which killing him instantly.

The protest, entitled "Return March" or "March of Return,” is a peaceful demonstration which includes families of men, women, and children who are planned to live in tent encampments.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Israeli forces has taken innocent lives.

In early 2018, seventeen-year-old Musab Firas al-Tamimi, from the Palestinian village of Deir Nitham, was reportedly shot in the neck during a confrontation with Israeli troops.

Although Israeli media claims Musab "appeared to be holding" a gun, Al Jazeera reports it couldn't be confirmed if he was armed when he was shot.

 In Dec. 2017, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian double amputee. Ibrahim Abu Thurayyah, 29, was one of the most prominent anti-Israeli occupation protesters in Gaza. Nearly two days before he was killed.


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