Israeli Forces Kill Second Palestinian Medic Helping The Wounded

On yet another bloody Friday for the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces shot and killed a young medic who was helping wounded Palestinian protesters.

At least one of the two Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces on Friday was a medic.

It's almost as if the Israeli army was trying to leave Palestinian protesters completely vulnerable by targeting their first responders.

On Friday, as Palestinians protested Israel’s illegal military occupation of Palestinian land, Israeli soldiers opened fire near Rafah in southern Gaza as medic Abdullah al-Qattati, who was in his 20s, cared for the wounded, hitting him in the chest. Ali al-Alloul, 55, was also fatally shot.

The Palestinian health ministry spokesman, Ashraf al-Qidreh, confirmed the deaths, adding that 242 Palestinians had been injured in the Friday protest.

The ongoing protest started on March 30, and since then, Palestinian authorities say that 158 Palestinians have been killed, while 17,350 others have been injured. Al-Qattati is not the first medic to be fatally shot while helping victims. Razan al-Najjar, a young volunteer, was the first medic to be targeted by the Israeli forces.

This Friday’s protest followed a day of intense conflict between Israel and Gaza, with Israel killing three Palestinians and militants in Gaza injuring seven Israelis. But Israel has been highly criticized since the beginning of the protests for its deadly response to unarmed activists, prompting the United Nations to vote to launch a probe into Israel’s actions. Unfortunately, the United States came to Israel’s rescue, blocking the call for an investigation.

President Donald Trump instigated Palestinians when he announced he would be opening a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, a contested territory between Israel and Palestine. Much like then, the president seems oblivious to how his actions are helping to ignite war.

By keeping the U.N. from investigating Israel’s disproportionate use of deadly force against Palestinian protesters, Trump has blood on his hands. And by failing to call out Israel for targeting people like Qattati, he’s showing the world that using deadly force against unarmed protesters and volunteers is OK, so long as Israel is behind it.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

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