Israeli Forces Shoot 750 Palestinians — Trump Does Nothing

During a call between President Donald Trump and and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, neither mentioned the deadly attack, making us wonder if Trump was ever serious about bringing peace to the region.

Last week, over 750 Palestinians were reportedly shot by Israeli forces and 15 were killed as they protested the struggle they have experienced since they were expelled from their lands and their right of return.

The Israeli military said that the thousands of protesters were using the demonstration as a cover to carry out attacks, with one incident mentioning a Palestinian gunman firing toward soldiers. And yet, only Palestinians reportedly suffered injuries and deaths.

Due to the large number of people injured in this protest, last Friday was the bloodiest day in the Gaza Strip since the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas.

But despite all this, MSNBC reported that neither President Donald Trump nor Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned the incident during a recent phone call. Despite the alleged violence depicted in a video showing Israeli forces shooting at Palestinians, Trump failed to confront and condemn the Israeli leader.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reminded viewers that while protesters did try to take action at the border fence, none of their attempts justified Israel’s deadly response.

“[T]here were some protesters who threw rocks and Molotov cocktails, and rolled burning tires at the border fence,” he told his show’s audience. “All of which is true, but in no way justifies what Israeli soldiers appear to have done — which is perch on a hill and pick off protesters with sniper fire, much of it recorded for all to see.”

Hayes then went on to condemn the U.S. for not pressing Israel on this incident.

“[N]ot only did the President of the United States react by saying nothing, not only did the vast majority of members of Congress ... been entirely silent about this frankly unconscionable use of force — the U.S. blocked a U.N. Security Council statement calling for an investigation of what happened,” he said.

Palestinians hope to remain at the border for a six-week sit-in to raise awareness to their situation and to the stifling blockade that continues to deteriorate the quality of life for Gaza residents.

Since 2005, 23 out of every 24 deaths caused by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians have been Palestinian, Vox reported. It's clear that their situation is more than dire.

But while the videos depicting Israel’s violent reactions continue to make the rounds, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has denied that the videos are real. The country’s government also often claims that the conflict is not between common Palestinians and IDF soldiers, but between Hamas and terrorist cells and Israeli soldiers. Still, nobody can ignore the high number of injuries and casualties among the civilian population in Gaza whenever Israelis and Palestinians clash.

While it’s obvious that Netanyahu will never admit the truth, we wonder when Trump will condemn the use of deadly force against Palestinians. When will the president make good on his promise that he would bring “peace” to the region?

It’s clear that after this horrific incident and Trump's decision to move the U.S. Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, the answer is probably never.



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