Israeli Police Harass 8-Year-Old Palestinian Girl

The little girl went home crying and understandably was terrified from her encounter with the soldier.

Video footage released by an Israeli NGO, B’Tselem, shows an Israeli border policeman harassing an 8-year-old Palestinian girl, Anwar Burkan, on July 25.

The policeman, present on a street near the Cave of the Patriarchs, which is a heavily guarded area, approached the girl, who was casually riding her bicycle. After approaching the bike, he put his foot on and upended her bicycle. He then went after Burkan and other kids who were playing nearby, causing them to run away.

The security officer then took the cycle and threw it in into the bushes before walking away and carrying on with his duty like nothing had happened.

Burkan’s father, Mjoub, reported that his child came home crying and was very scared. He added that the officer “took the bicycle because the settlers and the army are afraid of all Palestinians.”

Although the area where this incident took place is highly sensitive, and closed off to Palestinians, children are often found playing around.

Border police are now looking into the incident.

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians is a common occurrence. In a recent incident, Israeli soldiers shot down a 28-year-old Palestinian mother and student who posed no threat to them. The soldiers claimed she tried to stab one of them, but the video footage obtained from the scene just showed the terrified woman shielding her face.

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