Israeli Politician Sued For Wanting To Ban Arabs From Jewish Pools

An Israeli council leader is being sued millions of dollars in a class action lawsuit for his offensive remarks that Arabs shouldn’t swim in Jewish pools.

A political leader in Israel publicly verbalized his racism towards Arabs and is now being slammed with a lawsuit for his remarks.

Moti Dotan, the leader of Lower Galilee Council, is being sued for over $2 million by the Coalition Against Racism for his crude words last month, saying that he doesn’t want Arabs in his Jewish swimming pools, The Times Of Israel reported.

Moti Dotan

In the lawsuit, the Coalition mentioned that the Arab population in Israel is entitled to demand compensation for possible discrimination at the council-run pools.

Dotan was interviewed by Kol Chai radio when he said, “I don’t hate Arabs, but I don’t want them at my pools. I don’t go to their pools either.”

After his offensive comments, the Israeli leader said his views were the outcome of “cultural differences” and spoke of the different dress norms and “hygiene culture.”

The day after his interview, Dotan took to Facebook to apologize for his insensitive comments towards Arabs.

According to the Independent, Dotan said, "Unfortunately, it's possible that I was misunderstood, and may have had a slip of the tongue. In any case, I apologise [sic] to anyone who felt offended." 

MK Yousef Jabareen of the Joint (Arab) List parliamentary faction demanded that Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit call for Dotan’s immediate resignation.

“The comments by the head of the Lower Galilee Regional Council are incitement to racism,” Jabareen said in a statement. “In addition to being morally unacceptable, it is a criminal offense and I ask that the attorney general open a criminal investigation.”

There is nothing to be misunderstood about Dotan’s innate racist beliefs, it’s clear that he has something against the Arab community. 

Banner Image Credit: Ravit, Wikimedia Commons

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