Reporter Knifed On Camera After Live "Stab-Proof" Vest Test Fails

An Israeli reporter got stabbed on the job, while demonstrating the thwarting capabilities of a knife-proof vest and the incident was caught on camera.

An Israeli reporter accidently got stabbed while demonstrating the stab-proof capabilities of a protective vest.

Reporter Eitam Lachover, who works for Israel broadcasting authority’s Channel 1, was recording footage about a company that allegedly makes “stab-proof” vests, at a time when Israel is facing frequent stabbing attacks by Palestinians.

The company's vice-president, Yaniv Montakyo, asked Lachover to try a safety vest to demonstrate a thwarted stabbing attempt. However, the knife pierced the vest and punctured the reporter's upper back.

Montakyo explained he stabbed the reporter in an area where there was no protective padding; the video also shows that a previous stabbing test was successfully carried out on the vest.  No doubt, highly embarrassed, the company delivered immediate medical treatment before transferring him to a hospital. Lachover, fortunately did not suffer long-term damage and was released from the hospital after he was stitched up. He later posted on Twitter that he was “OK.”


The knife-proof vests are created both for commercial as well as military use. The holy city of Jerusalem has witnessed multiple stabbings in the last quarter of the year 2015. Since September, Palestinians have attacked and killed 19 Israelis and one American student. Meanwhile, at least 132 Palestinians have been killed in the same period, of who 91 were alleged assailants.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/David Moir

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