Ahed's Cousin Is The First Palestinian To Be Killed By Israel In 2018

Israeli soldiers shot and killed Ahed Tamimi's 17-year-old cousin Musab, days after shooting another 15-year-old cousin with rubber bullets point-blank in the face.

musab al tamimi

The identity of the first Palestinian killed at the hands of Israeli soldiers in occupied West Bank in 2018 has been revealed.

Seventeen-year-old Musab Firas al-Tamimi, from the Palestinian village of Deir Nitham, was reportedly shot in the neck during a confrontation with Israeli troops.

Although Israeli media claims Musab "appeared to be holding" a gun, Al Jazeera reports it couldn't be confirmed if he was armed when he was shot.

"He died shortly after the occupation forces fired a bullet into his neck," Maria Aqraa, a spokesman for the ministry, told Al Jazeera.

The fatal shooting occurred nearly two days after Ahed Tamimi, the teen Palestinian activist who was filmed slapping an Israeli soldier, was indicted on 12 charges.

Musab belongs to the Tamimi family, a majority of whom live in the village of Nabi Saleh, adjacent to Deir Nitham.

The family name recently drew international attention after 16-year-old Ahed was arrested on Dec. 19 in a controversial nighttime raid over a video showing her slapping and kicking two Israeli troops, who were allegedly blocking her driveway.

While a lot of Western media outlets are focusing on Ahed's "long" history of scuffling with Israeli soldiers, her family has a far longer — and blood-soaked — history of being targeted by Israel, especially for their frequent protests against the illegal grabbing of their lands by Israeli authorities to create a Jewish-only settlement, Halamish.

In December 2011, Israeli forces killed Mustafa Tamimi during the weekly protest in his village. Although Mustafa threw stones at a military jeep, he posed no danger to anyone inside or near it since it was an armored vehicle. Yet, he was shot in the head with a tear-gas canister at close range.

In November 2012, 28-year-old Rushdi Tamimi died of his wounds after he was shot in the stomach and thigh during a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In 2015, an Israeli soldier was famously photographed putting Ahed's then-12-year-old brother, Mohammed, in a chokehold during an attempted arrest.

Following Ahed's arrest, Nariman, her 20-year-old cousin Nour, and aunt, Manal, were also arrested.

Musab's father, Firas, told Al Jazeera Musab went out to confront Israeli soldiers after they raided their village.

"The occupation army has been raiding both Deir Nitham and Nabi Saleh day in and day out. They come in, irritate the residents, raid our homes at night and throw sound bombs in the street. This has been our reality every day," Firas stated.

"We cannot just keep quiet and keep watching. No one is listening to us — no one feels the pain that we're going through. The world is just silently watching."

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