Israeli Soldiers ‘Laugh’ As Gate Crushes Palestinian Man

CCTV footage of the incident purportedly shows Israeli soldiers laughing as a gate closes in on a man who tried to walk through it.

A video has emerged on social media purportedly showing Israeli soldiers laughing watching a Palestinian man getting crushed at a gate.

Middle East Monitor reports the incident took place at the Atarot Industrial Zone in east Jerusalem.

Surveillance footage appears to show a man, reportedly a Palestinian worker, trying to squeeze his way through a gate that immediately closes on him, crushing him in the process.

Eventually, the gate opens again and the man collapses on the ground.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers watching CCTV footage of the incident in the video can be heard joking

"It crushed him. This guy is stupid," says one soldier, according to the Middle East Monitor.

It’s not yet clear if the gate was closed on purpose or if it was an accident.

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