Israeli Soldiers Point Guns At Palestinian Activist's Wife And Son

Israeli soldiers raided the home of Iyad Burnat, Burnat, a nonviolent human rights activist from occupied Bil’in, and threatened to kill his son.

Heavily armed Israeli soldiers were captured on camera raiding the home of a prominent Palestinian activist and pointing guns at his wife and little son.

Iyad Burnat was on a tour in the United States when Israeli soldiers forcibly entered his home in the Palestinian village of Bil'in in Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Burnat posted the video of the raid, reportedly sent to him by his wife, on his Facebook page on Nov. 19 along with the caption: "The IOF [Israeli Occupation Forces] attack my home this night while I am in a tour in USA."

Jewish Voice for Peace also shared the video on its page, stating the soldiers came around 3 a.m., "looking to arrest his older son. The soldiers threatened to kill his son if they find him."

Burnat is well-known for his nonviolent resistance against Israeli occupation. In 2015, he received the 2015 James Lawson Award from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. He is the leader of the Bil'in Popular Committee, which espouses nonviolent ways to resist replacement of Palestinian homes in Bil'in with illegal Israeli settlements.

In July 2014, Burnat wrote an article for The Electronic Intifada, a Chicago-based publication covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, how an Israeli sniper shot and seriously injured his eldest son, Majd, then 16 years old.

Burnat's brother, Emad, is a filmmaker, the first Palestinian who was nominated in 2013 for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for his short "Broken Cameras," an eye-witness account of protests against the Israeli separation barrier in Bil’in.

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