Israelis Call To Burn, Shoot Palestinians Protesting Over US Embassy

Dozens of unarmed Palestinians were thrown to the ground, beaten and arrested by Israeli security outside the US embassy as Israelis gleefully watched.

The day the U.S. embassy opened on Jerusalem was marked by violence and bloodshed.

President Donald Trump fulfilled his pledge of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by inaugurating the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on May 14. The president himself was not present at the opening ceremony, however, first daughter Ivanka Trump and treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin unveiled the seal of the embassy.


Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser also gave a speech at the ceremony, during which he lauded the United States for supporting Israel.

“We stand with Israel because we both believe in human rights, democracy worth defending, and believe that we know that it is the right thing to do,” Kushner said.

Israelis cheered and applauded as the new embassy was opened up. However, just outside the embassy, Palestinian demonstrators were brutally pushed back by Israeli soldiers.


US embassy

Middle East Eye reported dozens of unarmed Palestinians were violently dragged back, thrown to the ground, beaten and arrested by Israeli security outside — and Israeli demonstrators, who came to support the embassy’s unveiling, looked on and cheered gleefully.

“Burn them,” “shoot them,” “kill them,” the Israelis chanted, according to MEE.

Meanwhile, as Israelis celebrated gleefully, just 75 kilometers away on the Gaza border, Palestinians were being slaughtered.  Over 58 demonstrators, including children, were killed and over 2,700 injured after Israeli forces attacked Palestinians with live butterfly bullets and tear gas.

On the border, Palestinians also expressed their shock and outrage at the celebration in Jerusalem even as thousands of Palestinians were indiscriminately being shot down by Israeli Defense Forces.

International groups and Western nations have called for Israel to show restraint but their plea has fallen on deaf years.

Israeli spokesman Peter Lerner said the death in Gaza were just an attempt by Palestinians to ruin Israel’s celebrations


However, what’s worse is that the United States has refused to condemn Israel’s actions and has laid the blame of the deaths on Hamas.

Jamal Zahalka, an Israeli Arab who serves as a member of the Knesset, said Israel, along with the United States, bore responsibility for the massacre.

“This is a violation of international law. Trump and the US are responsible for all the blood that has been shed since the US decision,” Zahalka said. “Those who are celebrating today [the US embassy inauguration] have blood on their hands.”

Since March 30, Israeli forces have killed over 100 Palestinians, including children and members of the press, and injured over 7,000.

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