Istanbul Nightclub Attack Eyewitnesses Recount Horrifying Moments

“My husband told me to get on the ground. Then a man came. They fired the guns. Two or three people shot. Then there was a kind of fog and I fainted,” said a survivor.

Thirty-nine people were killed and several dozens injured early Sunday morning when a gunman dressed as Santa entered Reina nightclub in Istanbul, on the shores of Bosphorus, and opened fire on a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Now, the victims have been identified and range widely in religion and nationality. In fact, at least 25 people who were killed were foreigners, according to Turkish news agencies.

Only 11 of the deceased people were Turkish nationals and one was a Turkish-Belgium dual national. Seven victims were Saudis, three were from Iraq and three from Lebanon.

Tunisia, India, Jordan and Morocco lost two citizens each while Kuwait, Canada, Russia, Syria and Israel each lost two nationals in the brutal attack.

The survivors and eyewitnesses have also recounted the horrifying details.

A survivor, Sinem Uyanik, recounted how her husband shielded her with his body from the attacker’s gunshots.

An eyewitness noted they were right across from the venue when they heard gunshots and screams coming from the inside.

To hear their full accounts, watch the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Reuters TV/Handout

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