Istanbul Victim’s Moving Last Facebook Post: 'I Resist Against Evil'

Read the heart-rending last Facebook update written by Gulsen Bahadir, a young woman working at Ataturk Airport who was brutally murdered on Tuesday.

As the death toll from Tuesday’s Ataturk Airport attack in Istanbul rises, moving stories of the slain are emerging. Those murdered include passengers, taxi drivers, and airport staff.

One of the victims was Gülsen Bahadir—a 21-year-old Ataturk airport ground services staff—who was shot dead inside the terminal building.

Gulsen Bahadir

On June 21, she shared a passionate Facebook update in which she spoke out against military conflict.

Below is Bahadir's pacifist post, which tragically proved to be her last.

The BBC translated an excerpt:

“I have never got into a war in my life, never. Not because I'm weak, but because I chose so. My choice was resisting. Because I know that war is futile. There would be no winners in any war, only losers. I'm resisting against the injustices of the state. I'm only asking for the deserved welfare of the people. I resist against evil.”

The number of casualties from Tuesday’s attack has risen to 44, which included Turkish nationals and 19 foreigners. About 240 people were injured, with dozens receiving treatment in hospitals.

Officials have identified three suspects of the coordinated attack as foreigners connected to the Islamic State.

Since Tuesday, authorities have made 22 arrests in suspected jihadist cells across the country, after increasing efforts to combat future IS attacks. Turkey’s fight against extremists has been an uphill battle, with critics blaming President Erdogan’s weak leadership.


Photo credit: Facebook, Gülsen Bahadir

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