Did Interns Replace Eagles Fans At Trump's Patriotic Event?

Reporters from Philadelphia were hard-pressed to find any legitimate Eagles fans, and it appears that interns from a federal agency and the Republican National Committee filled the lawn.

Was President Donald Trump’s non-Philadelphia Eagles “Celebration of America” event an orchestrated affair? The evidence seems to suggest as much.

The president disinvited Eagles players from being able to attend an event lauding their Super Bowl championship earlier this year, citing the team’s refusal to respect the national anthem. Trump’s rationale, however, was a lie — no Eagles player during the 2017 regular season ever kneeled during the playing of the anthem.

It seems the ceremony being held for fans was also a lie. Several reporters from the Philadelphia area were there but were unable to find any “true” Eagles fans in attendance.

Of course, there are always a few “bandwagon” fans who support a team after they win a big championship. But among a handful of people he asked, one reporter was unable to find any fan who even knew Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ name (even though Foles won the Most Valuable Player award for his Super Bowl performance).

The event itself lacked Eagles flair — it appeared as though only one person attending had even bothered to wear Eagles clothing.

Then there’s the fact that several members of the audience were actually just federal government interns, while some were Republican National Committee interns. Apparently wanting to make sure the White House grounds didn’t look negligible, interns from at least one federal department were invited to go (and did take part) in the festivities. These interns, it should be added, were not from Pennsylvania, according to the agency source.

Trump is likely still sour from his small inauguration crowd sizes being called out more than a year ago. His need for his ego to be placated likely resulted in these interns and other non-fans crowding the White House lawn in order to keep up appearances.


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