Italian Parents Who Impose Veganism On Their Kids Could Face Jail Time

Parents in Italy who choose to feed their children vegan meals could face imprisonment of up to four years for their personal lifestyle choices.

Mothers and fathers who choose to impose a healthier lifestyle for their children through veganism may now face jail time.

The Italian government has put forward a proposal for new legislation that would put parents in prison for putting their children on a vegan diet, Newsweek reported.

The proposed legislation states that legal guardians of children under the age of 16 could spend up to four years in prison if their children experience malnutrition and long-term health problems, as a result of veganism.

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Elvira Savino, a member of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, said, “For some years the belief has been spreading in Italy that a vegetarian diet, even in the rigid form of a vegan diet, results in significant health benefits. There can be no objection if the person making this choice is an informed adult. A problem arises when minors are involved.”

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For over a year, there have been numerous cases of children being malnourished due to veganism.

Just last month, a 14-month-old baby was taken to a hospital in Milan and the infant was removed from the parents' custody after it was determined he was malnourished due to his vegan diet.

It’s wrong for the Italian government to forced imprisonment on parents who decide to feed their child with a vegan diet because they are setting restrictions for parents on the way they choose to raise their children. 

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