Italian Soccer Fans Give Nazi Salute, Spit At Jewish Fans During Game

Italian soccer fans, who attended the World Cup qualifier game in Israel, spit and gave a Nazi salute to Israeli soccer players during the match.

These soccer fans took anti-Semitism to a whole new, extreme level.

During the Israeli national anthem at the World Cup qualifier game in Haifa, Israel, Italian fans booed, then later gave a Nazi salute and spit at Jewish fans, the Independent reports. 

The Israeli Football Association filed a complaint to the Italian Football Federation, calling the insensitive action “sickening” and asking authorities to take action.


“The Israeli Football Association will send photos to the Italian federation with which we have a warm and brave relationship so that it can find and prosecute the sickening minority that wanted to tarnish the visiting fans, their team and their country,” the association’s statement read.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Carlo Tavecchio, president of the Italian Football Federation, condemned the incident and said, “The relevant authorities can determine as soon as possible what happened and identify those responsible.”

Police officers removed the two insensitive Italian fans from the game, but they were not arrested for their antics.

It’s disappointing that individuals are so wrapped up with discriminating  Jewish people that they cannot silence their bigotry and enjoy a professional soccer game. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, ‏@CovertAnonymous

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