Italian Sunbather Refuses To Pay For Food, Kicks Vendor In The Face

A migrant food vendor tries to get what's rightfully his and gets assaulted in the process.

An apparently overheated sunbather lost his cool after he was asked to pay for his food and kicked a migrant in the face.

The incident occurred in the region of Calabria in southwest Italy. A man was lying on the beach and took some food from a vendor that totaled up to 5 euros. But when the seller asked him to pay for it, the beachgoer refused to do so.

The video shows the vendor arguing with sunbather, who was apparently too cheap to pay a few measly bucks for his food. Suddenly, the man sprang up and landed a flying kick right on the vendor’s face. As the seller backtracked, he got kicked once again for his efforts.

The poor migrant raised his hands in defense and stumbled away from the sunbather’s unexpected assault.

“Enough,” said the vendor to his attacker. “That’s enough.”

Unsurprisingly, the sunbather had his way and the seller walked off empty-handed.

Viewers, predictably, have condemned the beachgoer for his unwarranted attack on the vender.

“He is speaking better Italian than the hooligan,” said an Italian viewer, referring to the accent of the immigrant beach vendor.

“When you go to get your hair cut at the barber, you don’t just walk away without paying!” wrote another. “It is the same thing you stupid man!”

Others have slammed the man and claimed people like the sunbather “ruin Italy.”

Bullying incidents like these are not particular to Italy but happen all over the world, especially in light of the refugee crisis.

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