Pizza Puts One Of Italy's 100 Most Dangerous Criminals Behind Bars

He was the head of an infamous mafia gang and on the run since 2013. Then pizza happened.

The Camorra is not just some mafia gang. It is one of the oldest and largest crime syndicates active in Naples, Italy.

Its chief, Roberto Manganiello, was listed as "one of Italy's 100 most dangerous criminals" for alleged involvement in a 2004 double murder that prompted a yearlong gang war, resulting in the deaths of some 50 people in the crime-plagued southern port.

He had been on the run for nearly three years while successfully running his arms, drugs and extortion business from an apartment in Orta di Atella, located about 10 miles north of Naples.

However, a weekend pizza delivery changed everything.

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The 35-year-old was watching a soccer match — Inter Milan vs. Napoli  in his top-secret hideout on Saturday evening when police officers dressed as pizza delivery showed up at his doorstep.

Manganiello, as per The Local (Italy), offered no resistance. A 30-year-old Neapolitan woman was arrested along with the crime boss.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano described the arrest as a "success due to top-level investigative work."

To Manganiello’s further dismay, Inter Milan virtually ended his team’s hopes of a first Serie A title in 26 years with a dramatic 2-0 win.

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Naples is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. However, the city has long been plagued by gang violence with the Camorra responsible for most of the hostilities.

"The Camorra is a tumor," Crescenzio Sepe, the archbishop of Naples, said in 2012." It's an animal that when you cut its head off, two more grow back. All this [new violence] was predictable."

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