Are We Ready For A President Like Him?

It’s not okay to ignore Donald Trump’s racism and xenophobia when a lot of people start agreeing with him. Reminders of his bigotry are important.

He didn’t win the Iowa caucuses but after his tremendous and unconventional victory in the New Hampshire primaries, a lot of his critics began to wonder if President Donald Trump could actually be a possibility.

What’s even more astounding is how the media mogul has managed to maintain his position as the Republican frontrunner for nearly eight months, even without solid support of the Republican Party.

Trump’s lead in the polls matters  more than ever  and so it is necessary to remind the people of the United States again and again how ignorant, sexist, disrespectful, deceitful, racist and xenophobic he actually is.

Thanks to Trump himself, there are plenty of examples to highlight his unsavory traits.

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There was a time when people said ignoring Trump would make him go away. But that didn’t happen.

Media continued to cover his rallies  hate fests, to be specific  and popular late night hosts like Stephen Colbert invited him on their shows, as if he wasn’t being given a platform to voice his incendiary views.

Now, things have reached a point where ignoring his theatrics would only cause people to pay more attention to him. So, if one has to watch Trump why not revisit the times he proved himself a bigot of the highest order?

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