You Can Have A Coffee Date With Ivanka Trump — For $50,000

The Trump Organization has the right to refuse any bidder they deem unworthy of Ivanka’s time or cut short the coffee date without possibility of refund.

Ivanka Trump

A date with the president-elect’s daughter can be pretty pricey — $50,000 to be exact. 

The self-proclaimed champion of working moms, Ivanka Trump, is hoping for 50 grand from one lucky bidder and a guest for a rare chance at a coffee date with her, but it’s all for a good cause, according to auction charity website, Charity Buzz.

The date will take place anytime between Jan. 1, 2017, to Jan. 1, 2018, depending on Ivanka’s busy schedule and will, obviously, take place in the Trump Tower in New York City or Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

For people who think this is yet another attempt by Ivanka to cash in on her dad’s presidency, rest assured. According to the charity website, the proceeds of the auction will go to her brother Eric’s foundation to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Although it seems like a nice gesture, at $50,000 the price is quite hefty, especially for a “coffee date” that will last only 30-45 minutes. Yet, the amount has not deterred many Ivanka fans and already the highest bid is $24,000. There are still 7 days left until the auction closes so Ivanka might yet get her desired amount.

The president-elect’s daughter has also proved to be quite discerning of her choice of date. According to the details on the website, the bidder and their guest must clear criminal background checks and be approved by the Secret Service.

The bidder can also be declined on any grounds which includes being rejected by the Trump Organization for whatever reasons. “Polite manners” and “respect” are also a must and the meeting can be cut short without possibility of a refund if Ivanka does not approve of the bidder or the guest’s behavior.

The winner can take a photo with Ivanka but cannot bring anything to be autographed.

Members of the Secret Service will also be present during the entire meeting, so guests be forewarned: no monkey business.

There have been concerns the auction’s winner and their time with the president-elect’s daughter could result in a conflict of interest, similar to the one Trump is always accusing the Clinton Foundation of.

Trump has throughout his campaign claimed the foundation was a way for the rich and influential to curry favor with Hillary Clinton through their contributions while she was secretary of state.





However, Charity Buzz has assured people that their objective is only to bring “people of all political affiliations” together and “support important causes.”

This may be true but it can’t be denied Ivanka has tried to blur the lines between politics and business in the past.

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