Ivanka’s Memorial Day Tweet About Iced Champagne Is Totally Tone-Deaf

Why did Ivanka Trump’s brand think “Make champagne popsicles this #MemorialDay” was a good tweet?



Ivanka Trump just proved she has no respect for Memorial Day.

The first daughter’s HQ account, “Team Ivanka” tweeted out a post on May 29 but rather than honoring those who gave up their lives while serving in the U.S. military, it simply stated, “Make champagne popsicles this #MemorialDay.” The post also had a link which redirected to Trump’s website page captioned, “It’s the kickoff to summer” and suggests a wide variety of activities, including suggestions for barbecue and road trips.

Granted the tweet was from Ivanka Trump’s brand team but her personal account did not mention Memorial Day until hours after the champagne tweet went viral. The first daughter is hardly the first person to rave about bubblies for Memorial Day but considering that she is the president’s daughter (and one to whom the president has known to defer to), her brand’s post seems more than a little tasteless.

For 150 years, Americans have commemorated Memorial Day as a sign of respect to U.S. soldiers. The 3-day weekend also marks the unofficial start of summer but the period often has a somber cast to it as people often forego celebrations to honor the armed forces ultimate sacrifice.

Presidents and their aides are expected to post something not tone-deaf on the day. Even President Trump has managed to come up with a half-way decent tweet on the monumental day.


Some netizens couldn’t help but compare trump’s tweet to one of Chelsea Clinton’s.



A pro-veteran organization was also quick to call out he first daughter on her team’s insensitive tweet.


Other users, whose family or friends were killed in wars, also criticized team Ivanka’s tweet and mentioned her tweet reflected Marie Antoinette’s remark, “let them eat cake.”









Hours after the controversy, Trump did issue a message for the fallen heroes – but the damage was done.

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