Amid Muslim Ban, Ivanka Trump Shows Off $5,000 Dress

This is possibly the best shade thrown at Ivanka Trump after she ignored the havoc and suffering caused by the Muslim travel ban to show off a luxurious outfit.



President Donald Trump’s recent Muslim and refugee ban has caused chaos in several parts of the United States. But as families are torn apart, people with valid visas are denied entry into the country and widespread protests against the POTUS continue to take place, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are busy attending black tie events.

The first daughter took to social media to share a picture of herself dressed in a $5,000 dress, standing alongside her husband. Internet users saw the social media post as highly insensitive, since it just proves the couple is oblivious to the horrors thousands of Muslims, immigrants and refugees currently face, thanks to her father.

In no time, thousands of internet users united to slam Ivanka.

“Your father is responsible for two senior citizens with green cards being illegally detained at O'Hare for 10 hours. Have fun!” one person wrote in reply to her tweet.

“How nice to show off your privilege as your POS father rips freedom to shreds,” another said.

Some people even created a side by side picture comparison of the first daughter along with refugees wearing foil coats.


“Oh, good, the world is burning and families are being torn apart, but you're decked out in tin foil. Cool. #MuslimBan,” more people commented.







One person made their hate for Trump and his family clear.

“Shame on you, your husband, & especially your father,” he wrote.

Ivanka’s tweet has so far attracted 11,000 replies, 3,200 retweets and 33,000 likes.

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