Ivanka's Jewelry Company Tried Hiring Foreign Workers

New reports indicate that Ivanka Trump’s business petitioned for visas for staff positions which could have easily been filled by United States citizens.

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With reports perpetually proving the hypocrisy of the Trump family—whether related to immigration, taxes, race, or religion—only time will tell if the negative media will add up to making a difference in voters’ minds come Election Day in November.

While it’s already been established that Donald Trump employs foreign workers for whom he sponsored work visas, now his daughter has been caught doing the same for her jewelry business. In this case, her hypocrisy appears to be genetic.

Huffington Post reported that one of Ivanka Trump’s businesses applied for a handful of work visas for executive positions for foreign workers.

Trump’s business, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, petitioned for H-1B visas in order to fill five marketing, publicity, and operations staff positions between the years 2008 and 2013. In April 2015, her corporation also applied for a permanent residency permit for a public relations analyst from Mexico.

Petitioning for these types of visas seems hypocritical of the Trumps because they go against what Trump has been preaching all along: that he is against immigrants being hired for jobs that American citizens are capable of doing.

As one of her father’s senior advisers, Trump’s business acumen matters nearly as much as her father’s. Back in March during a Republican primary debate in Miami, Trump admitted to using the H-1B visa in order to hire more employees, but renounced his decision saying “we should end it.” Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry didn’t entertain inquiries for comments when approached by Huffington Post.

It’s highly unlikely that voters will be swayed by such revelations this late in the campaign race. If anything, the newly uncovered evidence that Trump hired foreign workers may in fact increase her father’s popularity, as perhaps it is a truer reflection of his theoretical stance on immigration now that he has announced a so-called “softening.”


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